In this book, the author will examine the Abrahamic principles underpinning Islamic finance, the rationale for a distinct economic system based on Islamic values originating from the moral teachings of Islam, Islamic finance dispute resolution and some of the problems experienced in adjudicating Islamic finance disputes in the conventional court system, and solutions in the field of Online Dispute Resolution for the Islamic finance industry as Online Dispute Resolution or (“ODR”) is the wave of the future. 

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I have been published in Literary Yard, Nude Bruce Review, Islamic Finance News, ISFIRE, Journal of Islamic Banking and Finance (JIBF)(Karachi), New Horizon Magazine, Business Islamica, Journal of Business and Economics (Academic Star Publishing), and International Finance Magazine. Paldi also authored the book ‘Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance: Problems and Solutions’. My latest work includes a book chapter entitled ‘Unlocking Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance’ with IGI Global Publishing in ‘Handbook of Research on Theory and Practice of Global Islamic Finance’ (2020) edited by Abdul Rafay. As the Islamic finance industry is growing annually at a rate of 10% to 15% per year, it is imperative that a unique, independent legal framework is established in order to effectively adjudicate Islamic finance disputes, sukuk bankruptcies, and takaful disputes. The aim of this chapter is to explore the role of the proposed Dubai World Islamic Finance Arbitration Center (“DWIFAC”) and its’ jurisprudence office (“DWIFACJO”) plus the Sukuk Bankruptcy Tribunal (“SBT”) and the Takaful Tribunal (“TT”) as the dispute resolution center of the Islamic finance industry. The objective of the chapter is to show how using a common law jurisdiction inadvertently transforms Islamic financial transactions into conventional disputes. Through case analysis combined with an exploration of the efficacy of existing arbitration centers and dispute resolution methods available to Islamic finance, this chapter will seek to reveal that the Islamic finance industry currently lacks an adequate dispute resolution mechanism and facility to adjudicate disputes arising from Islamic finance contracts including sukuk and takaful contracts.

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Camille Paldi is the only US Citizen to have graduated from the Durham University Islamic Finance Program in the UK. Camille Paldi was an International Bar Association Scholar 2009/2010 and qualified as a lawyer in the UK through the UK QLTT in 2013. Paldi was voted #24 on the WomanI Report on the world’s most influential women of the Islamic Finance Industry in 2018 and ranked in the top 50 in the world for 2019. Paldi is a graduate of Colgate University, the London School of Economics, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Kansai Gaidai University, East Shanghai University of Politics and Law, University of Hawaii, College of Law, and Durham University. Paldi is the author of the chapter ‘Unlocking the Islamic Finance Industry Through Dispute Resolution’ in the book edited by Abdul Rafay entitled ‘Handbook of Research on Theory and Practice of Global Islamic Finance’ (2020). Paldi also authored the book ‘Dispute Resolution in Islamic Finance: Problems and Solutions’. Paldi edits the online daily newspapers ‘The Islamic Banking and Finance Daily,’ ‘The Halal Daily,’ and ‘The International Film Festivals Daily.’

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